Passenger Attempts To Over-Power Driver Of Greyhound Bus, Resulting In Accident On 10 Freeway

Six people are now injured after a Greyhound bus was forced off the 10 Freeway into a ditch Sunday Afternoon.  According to California Highway Patrol Sgt. Grady Stevens, a male passenger, ran up to the driver and yanked the wheel, sending the bus off the road. The twenty-passenger aboard were able to kick windows open and assist one another off the Greyhound bus.

After the accident had taken place and everything came to a final stop, the male passenger kicked out the front windshield and fled on foot through a Home Depot and an L.A. Fitness parking lot. San Bernardino Police discovered the male in his 20’s some distance away from the accident, resting in a Olive Garden parking lot.  Authorities stated the he had sustained extensive lacerations to his forearm and other minor injuries. Sgt. Grady Stevens reported that he was transported to a medical center to be treated and remianed under arrest.

Most would consider the passengers aboard the Greyhound bus to be very fortunate with only a few sustaining minor injuries that day. It’s vital that you contact an accident attorney if you have been involved in a San Bernardino accident.  With the help of our dedicated attorneys at Guldjian Law, you can ensure that your accident with be handled in the utmost profession so that you receive the best possible outcome for you and your family.